Update: Not traded. Not happy. Warning about binary systems promising the world! Note to self – will you ever learn!?

OK, having being burnt by a series of binary trading robots in the past I don’t know why I signed up for Undercover Income. The marketing is slick, the story is believable, they do not post results yet they claim to be making hundreds of thousands of dollars. My question is, how are they making all this money? The post about a Paypal account with almost $1 million in it from the Undercover Income system. My suspicion is that the money they are making is from each and every trade that is generated on accounts linked with suckers like you and I putting our money in there with hopes of getting a fantastic return – time will tell!

They can give away the system because they make more money from more people signing up and funding an account – that is the key. Then for ever winning or loosing trade they still make money – they cannot loose. If the system performs and makes us money, then of course they should make more money as a greater number of trades are generated and people would increase the amount in their account.

I will post results from this system on my homepage on the right-hand menu bar, so please check back. I will post the honest and actual results on my account.